Welcome to AishaCousins.com. We specialize in fun, do-it-yourself art projects designed to help individual black Americans take control of their role in the evolution of black American culture. Use them to start conversations with your friends, family, and community about important but often overlooked aspects of black life in the US, so you can work together to build habits that shape a future you want to live in.

While these projects are written first and foremost for black audiences, they are useful for anyone looking to learn more about black history and popular culture. By engaging black folks from different backgrounds in conversations about their definitions of beauty and the changes taking place in our worlds, we help people of all backgrounds see just how diverse and beautiful our stories are.

[Above: Comedienne Nicky Sunshine performs her interpretation of Cousins' "Top 10 Reasons I Hate Black History Month." Catch it and its sister score, "Petition for White History Month," Nov 13-27 at MoCAD (Musuem of Contemporary Art Detroit) as part of artist Shani Peters' mulitmedia project Shani Peters: Moving Murals: culture, history + video]

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